I have been booking travel through Belview for over 20 years, both personally and through a business that had our employees travelling all over North America. Monica and Linda have been there every step of the way while our company grew, allowing our employees to focus on the needs of our customers, not worrying about how they would get on-site or back home.

While I can’t retell (or remember) all the stories of travel mayhem that I have encountered, I can certainly say that on many occasions I have had issues with missed or cancelled flights and watched as others around me scrambling to figure out a way home. But for me? Belview sometimes knew of the issue before I did and had a solution waiting for me. When they didn’t, a quick message was all I needed and they were working on it behind the scenes making stressful travel situations much easier to bear. On one return trip, Monica even hand-delivered some luggage that she had delivered to Belview because it was delayed and we weren’t able to pick it up. Talk about going the extra mile!!

This year (2020) our family went to Queensland Australia for a year-long adventure. We were lucky enough to leave before covid changed everything about travelling. We are now only a few days from our trip home and couldn’t be in better hands, even after our flights have been cancelled/modified over 6 times by various airlines over the last few months. I take comfort knowing that Monica and Belview will move mountains to make sure we get home.

Dan Oughton
Monica and Linda at Belview travel have been handling both my business and personal travel for over 30 years. It is great to have a friend at the other end of the line when stranded. On my personal travel for my wife and I, Monica has gone out of her way to find me the best deals on our cruises with Celebrity. The future looks bright for travelling and we look forward to using Belview Travel for the next 30 years.
S Catalano
We have been working with Monica and Belview travel for 15 years. Monica and the team are excellent to work with, they are experts in their field, very committed and a tremendous resource. My husband’s firm has worked with Monica and her team exclusively for all their business travel needs including conferences and we use them exclusively for personal travel. They are available 24/7 and no task is too challenging. We highly recommend Monica and her team at Belview Travel.
Dorit Mevorach
Thank you to Linda and Belview Travel for always providing us with excellent service. Linda is always kind, knowledgeable, efficient and goes the extra mile to ensure all our questions are answered and travel needs are met, even providing little extras when possible. Linda worked tirelessly during Covid-19 to communicate with the airlines to get our family a travel voucher to use in the future. Nothing ever seems too big of a problem and we always feel confident to leave our travel plans in the competent hands of Linda at Belview Travel!
Fran & Andy Felice
I am the President & CEO of an aerospace & defence company in the Greater Toronto Area, that has an international customer base, and for over 20 years, I have had the pleasure of having Belview Travel exclusively handle my business and recreational travel arrangements.  

International travel has been critical to my business and recreational travel has been equally important to my family.  During the past two decades, technological advances have offered us opportunities to forego professional travel services in favor of seemingly more convenient and cost-effective DIY approaches. I have chosen not to adopt the DIY approach because I believe that items that are important/critical are best left in the hands of experts- such as Belview. In over 20 years of business and personal travel , neither I, nor my staff, nor the numerous other organizations to whom I have recommended Belview, have to my knowledge, experienced any travel related problems that were not promptly addressed by Belview.

The Coronavirus pandemic has undoubtedly changed the landscape for future business and recreational travel. My company and I will, more than ever, be relying on Belview’s expertise to navigate through the uncertainty of future regional and international travel.
Gino Palumbo
Belview Travel has provided our family and friends with excellent travel-related services for many years. Their agents are always so helpful and provide great travel advice and expertise.  I would highly recommend them for all your travel needs. Special thanks to Linda who always goes the extra mile for her clients! 
I’ve worked with Belview for 15 years now. My first experiences with them were for business travel, as our preferred and exclusive travel provider. Working with our team of consultants, supporting constantly varying and complex travel schedules across North America, we always worked with confidence knowing that Belview operated as if they were traveling along with us – looking for creative solutions to optimize travel time or costs (depending on the details communicated for each specific situation) while keeping our personal preferences in mind. Our team always traveled knowing that someone had our backs; it’s comforting knowing that when you’re faced with that unexpected delay at the airport, there’s someone you can call to help you find your way back home or help to get you where you need to be in time for the next meeting. Their personal touch and time investment resulted in personal and ongoing relationships with many of the members of our sales and consulting teams (50+ people).
The experiences were so positive with business travel that many of us, myself included, turned to Belview for our personal travel needs as well. Again, working with the Belview staff, I know I can depend on the same quality of service that I would expect when planning executive travel. Collaborating with their knowledgeable team of agents to create personalized travel experiences, has left our family with some unforgettable memories over the years!
Thank you Belview, for taking the stress and worry out of our travel planning!
Michael King
I have been using Belview travel for about 11 years now and I have always experienced amazing customer service and great advice on travel. The ladies there treat you like family and are very knowledgeable about any questions I ever had in regards to my travel destinations. I would strongly suggest choosing Belview travel for any future travel needs.
Maria Guerriero
I have been working with Linda and Monica at Belview Travel for over 8 years now. They are not just my travel agents they are my friends and integral part to running my business. They not only handle all my business needs but assist with my personal travel needs as well. They are very knowledgable and always have great recommendations no matter where you are headed. So if you are looking for a full service agency that makes traveling hassle free I would highly recommend the exceptional service at Belview Travel.
Nicholas Van Vugt
We have used Monica at Belview Travel many times. She has always been helpful, cheerful and her insightful suggestions ensured that all of the details surrounding our trip were looked after. Seat selections on the plane and hotel recommendations were appreciated. We were most grateful when she advocated on our behalf to cancel our trip due to the travel restrictions because of the COVID 19 pandemic. We were pleased to receive our refund. We will definitely be booking our future trips with Monica!
Laura and Peter Forma
My wife and I have travelled extensively using Belview Travel. I have also used Belview to provide large group travel for my business on several occasions. They are thorough and professional and unsurpassed in their attention to detail. Monica and the gang at Belview are amazing and I highly recommend them to everyone I know for their travel needs. Take the stress out of travel and call Belview!!!
Kevin O’Malley

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