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I’ve worked with Belview for 15 years now. My first experiences with them were for business travel, as our preferred and exclusive travel provider. Working with our team of consultants, supporting constantly varying and complex travel schedules across North America, we always worked with confidence knowing that Belview operated as if they were traveling along with us – looking for creative solutions to optimize travel time or costs (depending on the details communicated for each specific situation) while keeping our personal preferences in mind. Our team always traveled knowing that someone had our backs; it’s comforting knowing that when you’re faced with that unexpected delay at the airport, there’s someone you can call to help you find your way back home or help to get you where you need to be in time for the next meeting. Their personal touch and time investment resulted in personal and ongoing relationships with many of the members of our sales and consulting teams (50+ people).
The experiences were so positive with business travel that many of us, myself included, turned to Belview for our personal travel needs as well. Again, working with the Belview staff, I know I can depend on the same quality of service that I would expect when planning executive travel. Collaborating with their knowledgeable team of agents to create personalized travel experiences, has left our family with some unforgettable memories over the years!
Thank you Belview, for taking the stress and worry out of our travel planning!
Michael King

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