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Welcome to our website, we are a full service agency providing personalized and professional travel arrangements to our corporate and leisure clientele.

I have been booking travel through Belview for over 20 years, both personally and through a business that had our employees travelling all over North America. Monica and Linda have been there every step of the way while our company grew, allowing our employees to focus on the needs of our customers, not worrying about how they would get on-site or back home.

While I can’t retell (or remember) all the stories of travel mayhem that I have encountered, I can certainly say that on many occasions I have had issues with missed or cancelled flights and watched as others around me scrambling to figure out a way home. But for me? Belview sometimes knew of the issue before I did and had a solution waiting for me. When they didn’t, a quick message was all I needed and they were working on it behind the scenes making stressful travel situations much easier to bear. On one return trip, Monica even hand-delivered some luggage that she had delivered to Belview because it was delayed and we weren’t able to pick it up. Talk about going the extra mile!!

This year (2020) our family went to Queensland Australia for a year-long adventure. We were lucky enough to leave before covid changed everything about travelling. We are now only a few days from our trip home and couldn’t be in better hands, even after our flights have been cancelled/modified over 6 times by various airlines over the last few months. I take comfort knowing that Monica and Belview will move mountains to make sure we get home.

Dan Oughton

Corporate Concierge

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