Why Book With A Travel Agent?

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Why Book With A Travel Agent?


Vacations are meant to relieve stress, not create more. Agents have the knowledge and dexterity to act quickly when weather, natural disasters, and everything in between happens—adjusting air tickets and any travel plans with ease. Wherever you are in the world, agents are standing by to assist you on every leg of your journey.


In today’s changing world, smart travel agents align with partners committed to guest safety, comfort, and peace-of-mind. Agents are confident booking with the Globus family of brands due to their worldwide Assurance program which includes enhanced on-trip and onboard protocols and procedures that ensure the health—and happiness—of their guests throughout their travels. Overseen by a Global Health & Safety Team, the Globus family of brands Assurance program exceeds today’s travel standards in cleanliness across all operations.


There’s a sea of travel information online. Agents know how to sail through the myriad of options available and steer clients in the right direction. They spend all day, every day, researching the best possible vacation options, knowing who to trust, where to go—and equally as important—where to avoid. 


Agents understand complex travel codes and internet jargon—and know how to make sense of the legalese and fine print for you.


Agents have a world of travel information at their fingertips—and stored in their brains—saving you countless hours of online searching. In addition, agents are a “one-stop-shop” able to handle the countless aspects of your vacation—from airline tickets to lodging, ground transportation, activities, tours, and more—saving you time, trouble, and tears.


One size vacation does not fit all. Do you like to travel at a leisurely pace or at the speed of light? Are you a nature lover, history buff, foodie, or art fanatic? Agents take the time to discover your personal travel style and match you to the right experience.


Agents have access to exclusive perks, deals, and steals, matching the best products and promotions to your personal dreams, desires, and budget.

In addition to perks and pointers, a travel agent provides value you just can’t put a price on. Travel enthusiasts themselves, agents can guide you to just the right restaurants, museums, or off-the-beaten-path excursions you won’t find in the guidebooks.


Your agent can help you choose where you want to go and what you want to do. Plus, your agent knows what you value, and ensures every detail of your vacation is perfectly planned just for you.


Agents are experienced in vacation planning for families of all ages, designing stress-free, squabble-free itineraries so families can relax and enjoy the sights of the world, the flavors of faraway kitchens, and best of all stress-free time together.


With experience catering to a variety of tastes and preferences, agents are also your professional go-to’s for arranging group travel. While agents take care of every logistic and detail, all you have to do is gather the gang and go!


Travel agents work for their clients, not for a travel operator. Let your agent do the work for you— they’ll filter your options and provide only the recommendations that make the most sense for you and your budget.


If you experience a problem while traveling, your agent acts on your behalf, as your personal advocate. Many agents are also part of a larger industry group. As a member of a professional team, they can accomplish more—better and faster—than any one person can.

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