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Welcome to our website, we are a full service agency providing personalized and professional travel arrangements to our corporate and leisure clientele.

I am the President & CEO of an aerospace & defence company in the Greater Toronto Area, that has an international customer base, and for over 20 years, I have had the pleasure of having Belview Travel exclusively handle my business and recreational travel arrangements.  

International travel has been critical to my business and recreational travel has been equally important to my family.  During the past two decades, technological advances have offered us opportunities to forego professional travel services in favor of seemingly more convenient and cost-effective DIY approaches. I have chosen not to adopt the DIY approach because I believe that items that are important/critical are best left in the hands of experts- such as Belview. In over 20 years of business and personal travel , neither I, nor my staff, nor the numerous other organizations to whom I have recommended Belview, have to my knowledge, experienced any travel related problems that were not promptly addressed by Belview.

The Coronavirus pandemic has undoubtedly changed the landscape for future business and recreational travel. My company and I will, more than ever, be relying on Belview’s expertise to navigate through the uncertainty of future regional and international travel.
Gino Palumbo

Corporate Concierge

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